Memories of a gunslinger.

It tastes like death, but it looks like fun.

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    The idea of ​​death has always been in my mind. Not always. I have good memories of my childhood. But now …. Now is different. Now I’m alone. I used to feel loved by my parents, my brother, my boyfriend, my friends… Today my existence is meaningless for them all. And I can’t ask for help because when I do, they think the dramatic. I try to fight my thoughts, and keep me alive but everything has been so hard, my thoughts do not let me sleep, my head hurts, I’m so tired of everything, to endure everything. Small things has wronged me, killing myself slowly. And one day, eventually causing me to end my own life. But nobody cares. Nobody would care.

    I knew that it was time to say goodbye…


Happens all the time
    for she is his poet & he is her poetry: The thought of suicide.


    The thought of suicide has always been in the back of my mind. I’ve thought about it a lot, there hasn’t been a day that I really haven’t. It used to be one of the scariest things to me, but now, I’m not scared of death. I’m scared of what comes after it.

    I’ve never really felt loved, but when I…

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